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Hello all! Hope your weekend was good! Mine has been extremely busy, but I did manage to sneak in Transformers 2…awesome movie! A little long, but overall not bad. It’s got action, intrigue, comedic moments, and some touching ones. That’s a lot of emotion in one movie, so it did alright with me. Any one else catch it?

Before I get down to the round up, there’s a little news I need to share with everyone. You may have noticed that my posts have been a bit more sporadic than normal, as have my comments on your blogs. Summer is one of the busiest times of year for me with work and going into the fall semester I have a pretty heavy workload. Because I want to be fair to Jonathan and you as readers, I will be going to a part-time basis with MYC. I’ll have a post about once a week and you will likely see a little less of me on your own blogs. I apologize for this, but the schedule I’d been keeping was too much and I needed to scale back a little. Jonathan has been gracious enough to let me stay on part-time, though, so rest assured…I’m not going away completely! ;)

Alright, with that out of the way, let’s get into the good reads, shall we?

- Brip Blap talks about financial behaviors being set in stone. It’s funny, we all have our own little things that we refuse to change, and we all view things very differently most of the time. But, that’s what makes personal finance personal, so if I’ve got some habits set in stone, they’re because they work for me. What about you?

- J.D. @ Get Rich Slowly discusses the first three steps to financial freedom. A lot of the same if you’ve been in personal finance for awhile, but if you’re venturing into the murky waters for the first time, this is a good beginner’s post!

- Ginger @ Girls Just Wanna Have Funds reminds women that marriage isn’t just about romanticism. This has been a topic of much debate lately, but what it comes down to is this. While love is important, it is equally important that you are financially compatible or you’ll be finding trouble in paradise a lot sooner then you think!

- Broke Grad @ Broke Grad Student has an older post that I believe I somehow overlooked, regarding whether or not having a second job is worth it. In this economy and from a monetary perspective, probably. But, it’s a lot of strain and wear on your mental health and happiness. Would you rather have more time to spend with loved ones and just cut back on expenses, or would you rather have more money and never see anyone? I’ve been here and I prefer to cut my expenses and suck it up. But, this really depends on individual situations.

- nickel @ five cent nickel has an awesome guest post that lays out four ways to ruin your investments. By a show of hands, how many have done at least one thing on his list? Yeah, me too!

- SVB @ The Digerati Life rates the stress level of financial events. Pretty interesting…and you wonder why money is one of the biggest reasons for divorce in the U.S.

- Kelly @ Almost Frugal asks her readers how they judge success. This is such an important question, yet one we think very little of in the long run. How do we know when we’ve reached the level of financial security we set out for? When do we know we’ve achieved that goal? Is it when the debt is gone? Is it a certain dollar amount? I challenge you to consider your goals and take it a step further. How do you determine you’ve achieved that goal?

- Trent @ The Simple Dollar gives us the lowdown on why we need credit at all. Credit is important for everything….car insurance, rent, mortgage, all your big purchases not made in cash. Having good credit gets you the best rates. You don’t have to use credit cards, but you do need to build a credit history…they just happen to be one way to do it. Check out Trent’s article for more!

- FB @ Fabulously Broke has a great article on how being a lady is a lost art. This post has nothing to do with finance – at least not directly – but I really liked it and know a few women who could do with a good reading of this post. In FB’s usual way, it’s highly entertaining and too true!

That’s all I got this time, but hope you find some that you like! Until next time…

Happy Reading!

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