Oh, FedEx How I Hate You! Let Me Count the Ways!

I’m going to take this moment to rant profusely about my hate of FedEx. Let me start by apologizing to any of you who may work there… I still hate your company! But let me tell you why.

I hate you because…

You never deliver when you say you will!

So I’ve recently been ordering a few things I need around the apartment online. Most recently, there were two items that I wanted and found much better deals by purchasing them online, so that’s what I did. In fact, the deals were so good that I splurged a little on shipping and spent the extra $50 to have these two items rushed so that I could get them in two days.

To fully appreciate my irritation here, let me back up and tell you what I bought. I bought my Blu-ray DVD player that I’ve been eying for awhile now, and I bought a new media tower that holds almost 1000 DVDs. For a DVD freak like me, this is the Holy Grail! I’m way excited and totally ok with spending the $50 to get them in two days.

Two days go by. No packages. I go online and track my purchases and apparently there was a delay in the warehouse, so FedEx would be shipping them the following day. Fine. It sucks, but whatever, I’ll deal with it. On the third day they come and I’m not home, so they leave me a door tag. No big deal, right? I’ve had door tags before. Just sign and leave a note telling them to take it to the apartment complex office if I’m not home. Wrong.

I hate you because…

You won’t let me sign the door tag for my packages!

For whatever reason, the tag said that I must specifically be there to sign for the package. That simply won’t do, see, like the rest of the working class I have a day job that prevents me from being home all day to collect packages. So, I call FedEx to explain to them that I can’t be at home to sign, and ask for my options. The guy tells me that he’ll notate my “account” so the driver knows to leave a tag I can sign. Neither company has requested an in-person signature. Fabulous! This makes me happy and I move about my day.

So, the next day I get home (mind you, we’re on day four and I paid extra for two-day shipping), there’s the tag left amicably blank for my signature. I sign it, and the next day leave it on the door (day five). I go about my busy day with thoughts of beautifully played movies dancing in my head. But when I get home, there’s a nasty surprise awaiting me.

I hate you because…

This driver you keep sending to my apartment is imbalanced!

On my door is another door tag that says I must sign in person. WTF? Didn’t we already cover this? Wasn’t my “account” supposed to be notated? No matter. I assume this is some sort of mistake that’s easily corrected. I call FedEx yet again and explain the situation. The customer service person explains he doesn’t know why the driver won’t take the signed door tag, but he’ll request another stop-by for my packages. Ok, fine.

I hate you because…

Apparently your customer service reps don’t listen.

So here we are on day six. I still have no packages, and I get a phone call from the ground shipping manager to let me know the driver is not comfortable just leaving my package outside my front door since I live in an apartment complex and everything is so open. Since he was not comfortable making the drop, I will now have to make alternate arrangements, which basically means I must drive over to the hub and pick it up. She was nice enough to leave me the address and the hours of operation; however, she didn’t leave me a direct number to call back with my many questions.

So, I call the main FedEx line…again. I get a representative who then informs me that the previous rep I spoke notated my account that I requested the driver to leave the package outside my door. No, I didn’t. I said that I wanted the driver to take the signed tag and take my package to the front office. Well, then I’m told that the driver attempted to take the package to the front office, but they refused it because the driver needed them to sign for it. Well, that’s reasonable, it’s not theirs, so they’re not going to sign for it. Take my SIGNED door tag and drop it off at the office. I’m getting irritated at this point in the conversation and ask if he could transfer me to the ground manger who had left me the message. So, the rep puts me on hold.

I hate you because…

The ground shipping assistant manager is rude, unhelpful, and a complete %#&@!

Feel free to pick a four-letter word to stick in the above sentence.

Finally the rep comes back on the line and tells me the manager isn’t available, but the assistant manager would be happy to assist me. So, I explain the situation to him and ask him to tell me why the driver would not accept the signed door tag. He proceeds to tell me that it is the driver’s discretion whether or not they will leave a package outside a door. I explain I’m happy he didn’t leave it outside the door as that was not my request, and that my question was why the driver wouldn’t take the signed door tag. The assistant manager goes on for a few minutes about what they COULDN’T do to help me. I was not interested in what couldn’t be done. I wanted to know what we could do. But this guy clearly wasn’t interested in helping me, and I could feel my anger reaching boiling point, so I said never mind, what can I do to prevent this in future?

And I quote…”Well, for one you could be there when the package arrives. But, beyond that, I don’t know. You’ll have to ask the appropriate people at the hub when you get there to pick up your package.”

I hate you because…

The ground shipping assistant manager is a slime ball!

Sensing I was no longer going to be able to remain calm while speaking to this individual, I decide to end the call. I asked him to please notate that I would try to be over there this week; however, I may not be able to go pick it up until Monday. He simply said ok, but the way he said it made me think he wasn’t going to do anything, so I got a little smart and asked him if he was sure he would do that for me. He said yes, in an annoyed drawn-out fashion and I said thank you and hung up.

I immediately called back because I didn’t think he was going to do what I asked him to do. I get yet another representative on the phone and she has trouble finding my order. I spent a good 10 minutes with her trying to find my order, only to discover the reason for the trouble was because it was no longer on order shipment status, it was being sent back. The assistant manager had requested a return on the items.

I hit the roof! Keep in mind, these items are things that I wanted bad enough to pay an extra $50 for express shipping, and here we are on day 6 with no packages and a jackass employee who thought it would be funny to return my packages.

I hate you because…

You refuse to help me resolve the problem, or take responsibility for that matter!

I try again to get the ground shipping manager to the phone, but her line was busy. I told the representative that I refused to speak to that assistant manager again because I wouldn’t get very far with the language that would spew from my tongue. Now, she did remove the send back order, so my items are still sitting at the hub. However, they won’t send the driver out again to deliver the packages and pick up the signed door tag because they have “a strict policy on three attempts.” Apparently, they have done their due diligence and it is now my responsibility as the consumer to come pick it up. I disagree, but if I didn’t get off the phone I was going to start spewing a few choice words that would have made the situation worse. I know my limits and I had reached it with them. Besides, it wasn’t this particular reps fault.

Where I stand now…

Ok, as I’ve mentioned, we’re getting ready to go into day seven and I still do not have these packages in hand. I am going to do my very best to make it to the hub tomorrow after work because I don’t want them to be sent back, but I may not make it. In all likelihood, I’ll beg my boss to let me take a little time to run over and pick them up, or leave early. I can probably swing the sympathy vote and get a yes. So, let’s assume I get my packages tomorrow.

My question to those of you who have made it this far is, what do you think I should do?

I think FedEx should be refunding me the $50 I paid on the express shipping since I didn’t get them – through no fault of my own. But, I don’t know how that works with a shipping company. Should I just write a letter and request it? To be honest, I fear my temper on another phone call. When I go into the hub tomorrow, it will be to get my packages and leave, as quickly as possible. I’m not interested in trying to resolve anything at that point.

So, dear readers, what would you do?

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  1. My story isn’t as bad as all the others but ill share it anyway, so i ordered my phone offline on Verizon Wireless and i was so excited to receive the NEXT day ( overnight shipping ) that morning i woke up around 10am. I watched some tv went out to the library for a little came back home and it was around 12am. I went to the Verizon wireless website to check on my order and it said that it was being shipped to my house around 4:30 so i sat in my house staring at the window waiting for the FedEx truck to come and about 3 hours later ( around 3:00 ) i was so excited i had wait all day for this!! Another hour passed and i was dying to receive it!! I waited until it was around 5:00 when i got a phone call from a friend we talked a little and then i went back to the window realizing it was 5:30 i went back onto the Verizon wireless website where it said that they had lost track of my order. So i went to the FedEx website where i typed in my tracking number and it popped up i read the screen and it said this: “Your order is being shipped tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon” i was so angry i had waited the whole day to get that stupid phone in the mail and i got nothing!! I hope it comes tomorrow :(

  2. I HATE FedEx too. They are easily the slowest most inefficient delivery system these days. I would rather have the pony express deliver my packages than FedEx.

    If I were you I would go as far up the chain as necessary to get my shipping charges refunded.

  3. I recently had a FedEx package arriving with supplies for an overnight trip that required me to depart at 3AM that night (after the time tracking indicated for arrival of the package). Since I live in a small, six unit apartment building, the very finite “wisdom” of FedEx’s policies and procedures told my business partner that I would need to be present for the delivery, so they warned me to call FedEx and authorize a signature release for the delivery.

    The only thing is, I live in an apartment, right? I mean, it looks like a big house. The front door of each unit is inside the front door of the building which is unlocked, but always closed, so the unit doors aren’t ever visible from the street. It’s in the middle of a very quiet residential section that has both single family homes and buildings like mine peppered around on some of the streets. But, it’s an apartment. FedEx wouldn’t budge on their rule, but I kept pushing.

    Explaining my situation, that the only day I would be able to receive the package was that day because I was driving a thousand miles with the package before dawn the next day, I finally got transferred to some kind of special support person. They set it up so that the supervisor would be notified of my needs and make the driver aware… but get this – it’s still at the discretion of the driver whether or not they will leave a package, even with this level of contact and instruction!

    Luckily for me, the driver left it. It was a crap-shoot though. The driver could’ve left a door tag and rolled and I would’ve been completely screwed on a three day business trip with customers waiting for me to bring them (and install) what was in that box.

    I’m here now because I’m about to call FedEx yet again with a similar situation. This time, it’s not as critical. I can certainly go pick up the package at their warehouse or whatever, but you know what? I don’t want to have to do that and I shouldn’t have to do it either! If I instruct the carrier to leave the package, it should be left – end of story.

    Of course, I’ll probably end up at their warehouse picking it up on my way home, but maybe I can get transferred to that special support line again… and maybe I’ll get a delivery driver that understands the world those of us who don’t work for FedEx live in. Maybe.

  4. I continue to be amazed at how many comments there are here from unhappy FedEx customers! As they’re one of the largest delivery companies, I realise there will be errors and miscommunications – that’s statistically unavoidable when there are so many customers – but I’m genuinely stunned to realise just how many people have had problems. I’ve started using a smaller delivery service whose drivers are happy to deliver to my “home office” on the porch or leave packages with my neighbour.

  5. The special support department I mentioned is called the customer advocate team. They are quite helpful if you persist and insist on your needs. After my customer advocate rep tried to suggest I pick up the package at their location (which I could do but really don’t want to and shouldn’t have to do) and again reminded me that FedEx would no longer be liable for the delivery (a little scary, yes), I got what I wanted.

    I’m sitting here now with my delivery on my desk and happy FedEx was able to accommodate me once again. The last time, a supervisor called to follow up. I hope they do this again this time because I want to find out what it would take to make my authorization permanent. Going through the motions of explaining my situation to two reps each time is not a huge hassle, but I start to feel less than friendly talking to the first rep who is more than insistent about the policy. If I could just have my location authorize for no signature required by default, I’d really be happy with FedEx. For now, it’s still a mildly hassle laden process to receive a delivery and that’s just not cool.

  6. so i do understand that you had a bad experience but i work as a rep for fedex and let me tell you all these things that could have been avoided are all told to the shippers who are a) to busy to explain how we work and B) don’t inform you of when we are going to deliver…. we advised our clients well before we even start the shipment of when it will be delivered and at what time… it is them as the shipper to then relay that info to you.. how do we know originally that we are shipping to an apartment or to a store we have over a million packages a day and we cannot do all the small details we give that info clear and well before it goes off in hopes that the shipper has made the right choice and given you the right info…. we are the middle man we take the package and deliver it to you the way the shipper wants us to deliver it thanks… :)

  7. TOTALLY agreed. UPS buzzes me, I say “ok, come on up,” I buzz them in, and they will deliver up two flights of stairs with heavy packages. Fedex buzzes me, I say “ok, come on up”, and they leave the package at the front door. The only time they do come up the stairs is if they need a signature. They come in the evening. I work from home and UPS comes in the morning. Fedex tries twice and then sends you to their hub to pick up. UPS tries 3x. Fedex doesn’t t honor signature-related slips allowing delivery without signature. UPS does. GOOD GRIEF!!!

  8. I sent a box of personal things to be used on a six week trip. I didn’t want to take these things on the plane with me. The box never arrived. I was told it was delivered. After some research it was discovered the package was delivered to the wrong address and signed for by someone other than the person on the shipping bill. I guess the driver can’t read. Attempts to get the package back were unsuccessful. The box ended up at a broken down trailer and no one would open the door even when the police tried to make contact. I had to file a claim. I received only $100. The value of the contents of the box (hiking gear, boots, winter coat, 4 boxes of nicorette gum) was more than $1100. I did not declare a higher value at the time of shipping because the items were not breakable. I only get $100 and the guy who kept my package gets to keep everything! I think airlines pay out more for lost luggage. The police told me Fedex makes deliveries to incorrect addresses often. I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about the creep that kept my underwear!

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