What Would You Do With $10 Million?

If you won the lottery and got $10 million, what would you do with it? Well, I guess technically, the first question would be, do you take the lump sum or do you take the annualized payments for 20 years?

At any rate, I ran across a story today that’s been out for a little while, but it got me thinking about this topic. A man in Massachusetts bought lottery tickets, then died the same day from a heart attack. It turns out, one of the tickets he bought was a $10 million winner. While his family is obviously devastated that he’s gone, it’s probably a great relief to them that they are now financially taken care of for the rest of their lives. All that’s left for the widow to decide is whether she wants the lump sum or the 20 year payout.

I know this will probably surprise you, but if I won $10 million, I’d give the majority of it away. I’d keep some, set myself up quite a bit, but for just me, $10 million is a lot money. I’d want to spread that around. So, here’s how I’d spend my $10 million:

1. Pay off student loan debt.

I have quite a bit in student loans. Currently, the balance is all deferred because I’m still in school. But, it’s not something I’m looking forward to having when I get out. I’d simply pay it off. I think I’m at roughly $46,000 or so. For easy numbers, let’s just round that up to $50k.

Total: $50,000

2. Money for school.

I’d set aside a nice sum to pay for the rest of school. I’m almost finished with the Bachelor’s degree, so I’d set aside enough for the Master’s and Ph.D. I’m not entirely sure how much that’s going to cost, but I’ll give it an average guess.

Total: $50,000

3. Pad my emergency fund, savings, travel fund, and checking accounts.

As of right now, I have six months worth of expenses saved up, plus a little extra for things like car repairs. I’d probably put two years worth of expenses in the emergency fund, take my savings up to about $50,000, give the travel fund about $25,000, and level off the checking account with $10,000.

Total: $121,000

4. BMW M3

Ok, I couldn’t win $10 million and NOT get the car I’ve been lusting after for years!

Total: $70,000

5. Friends and Family

I’d totally have to give to some to my friends and my family. First of all, I’d pay off my parents house ($165,000) and give them $10,000 a piece. I’d give my brother and sister $10,000 a piece. I’d also set up my niece and nephew with accounts with $10,000 a piece.

For my best friend, I’d pay off her house ($137,000) and give her and her fiancĂ©, also my friend, $10,000 a piece. I’ve got about five other friends that I’d actually give any money to, but it would only be about $5,000 a piece.

Total: $407,000

6. Investments

I’d divide these up into CDs, mutual funds, and some tax sheltering investments.

Total: $302,000

7. Donate to the Nicholl Fellowship

This is one of the most prestigious screenwriting competitions out there. As a screenwriter, I naturally want to give back to the craft I love.

Total: $1 million

Ok, so that’s a grand total of $2 million that I’ve spent thus far. Want to know what I’d do with the remaining $8 million?

Don’t scoff….

I’d get with an attorney and set up a fund to help those who’ve been laid off.

I don’t need all of that money. As you can see, I’ve got my own materialistic wants, but I don’t need $10 million to achieve them. I would continue working, though I may consider working in a part-time capacity to focus on school and my personal writing a little more. Even still, I’d have enough money to do that. Besides, there are those out there who need that money much more than I do and I would want to help. What’s the point of having that much money if you don’t use it for good?

The way I see it, the money can’t follow me to my grave. I want enough to enjoy life and have the few material things that I enjoy, but I refuse to let it be the controlling force in my life.

Alright, now it’s your turn! What would you do with $10 million dollars?

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  1. I would do about the same as you except I would put some away to create my resort/wellness spa and use that for charity. So many people become disabled and need help. They don’t have the money to afford it so I would provide that for them and they would get room/board included.

  2. Becky (I’m Becky too)…I definitely think moms should get to stay home and raise their children…that was actually the “career” I picked when I was a kid. (I didn’t end up getting the husband or the children…so I just do babysitting and suchlike instead. Sigh.)

    I knew a mom a decade or so ago who had four kids (ages six to twelve at the time) and said she still wanted a few more but couldn’t afford more. (Okay, actually that was a Mormon family, but just for the record, Mormons and Catholics are not the ONLY people who ever want lots of kids!) (Her husband was already working so many hours that the kids hardly got to see him since he got home so late, often after they went to bed. She said once their youngest [who was also Becky] asked why Daddy had to work so much, and the only answer she could give was something like, “Because if Daddy didn’t work so much, then Mommy would have to work.” So she WAS a stay-at-home mom…but that meant Daddy had to work even more hours than if they had both worked.)

    Not all moms work, and lots of moms don’t work full time. It might not be *popular* to be a stay-at-home mom any more, but it’s still one of the best things to be. (At one time, before you and I were born, it was considered THE BEST and sometimes even THE ONLY thing for a woman to be. I guess the pendulum swung too far the other way!!!)

    If I had 10 million I would probably give away a few million…so, you and other moms could have some of it so you could stay home with your kids! ^_^

    (Pat…yeah, money *can* buy *some* happiness sometimes. Or at least, financial security. Money *alone* can’t buy happiness, and a lot of rich people aren’t happy…but there are lots of folks out there who could really use some money to help them and their families be happier, safer, etc. “Money can’t buy happiness” means people are more important than money, it doesn’t mean please assume people hardly ever need any money.)

    If I had $10 million (tax free) I would probably only need to keep three or four million of it, and give away the rest of it.

    First million…buy a house, fix up the current house, pay off the mortgage on the current house. Pay back money I owe, pay off various bills, etc.

    Second million…buy furniture for house, buy a few other luxuries, maybe a couple of good-but-cheap used cars, have enough left over for car insurance and homeowners’ insurance and property tax. Sponsor a child or maybe several kids, mostly in foreign countries like Africa and India. (Yes, I know, the kids in America need money too, I’m coming to that. ^_^)

    Third million…put in bank or credit union (or maybe high-interest savings account) to save for later/for a rainy day/for old age/etc. (Possibly give some to friends and family members if they need it…and/or maybe just save some to give to them later in case they need it more in the future, since most of them are doing fairly well at the moment, luckily.) (Jennifer has a good point about gift tax, too, and only giving away a little at a time to each person.)

    Fourth million…just in case I think of anything else I really need/want, or my friends or relatives need/want. (Maybe travel, but not *really expensive* travel, just to get to go to a few special places like England/scotland/Ireland, and go to Canada again, and maybe Australia…but travel is getting more and more expensive these days, so just the plane tickets to go to and from half a dozen places might be approaching a million dollars, even with the cheapest fares available!)

    The rest of the millions…charities, especially ones that benefit children (including St. Jude’s which Terry mentioned) (and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation) (and probably lots of others)…and also, just any families I can find who need money (they don’t have to be starving, they just have to want to do something special/caring/etc. with the money, like be able to stay home with their kids! ^_^).

    (I’m taking the liberty of assuming that the original question meant, what would you do if you had $10 million tax free, or $10 million after taxes. If we’re talking about only having around $4 million, well, okay, I already mentioned that that’s the most I would need, anyway…and I would still be generous and share some of it with those who don’t have $4 million or even $1 million!) (Heck, if I had a spare thousand dollars I would probably remember to give away at least a hundred of it. There are always people who need it more than you do, once you actually *have* it. Money buys better happiness if you share it with those who need it more than you do. ^_^) (That reminds me, I must remember to donate at least a few dollars each to a few places here and there [the ones that take small donations, that is!] even though I don’t have all that much at the moment. At least I have enough food. And a house, even though it’s not a particularly *good* house, at least it’s *some* kind of a house and that’s better than none. [I wouldn't buy an *extremely rich* house even if I could afford to, I just want a better house than the one I have, that's why I think one million would cover most of my house needs...buy a better house, fix up the one I already have (because it would need some fixing up in order to rent or sell), pay off the current mortgage (so I can quit getting calls from the mortgage company...forever!!! ^_^)...that kind of thing.])

    That’s about all I can think of…anyone else got any great ideas? ^_^ (I like all the ones I’ve read so far! ^_^)

  3. Just a short little note…some years ago (about a decade ago) I meant to give the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fifty dollars, didn’t get to it, and then finally gave them a hundred dollars a couple of years later. They were very nice about it and did NOT come BEGGING for MORE money like a lot of charities do…so I think they genuinely deserve donations…I’ll probably give them another hundred sometime…and if I had millions, I would probably give them at least a thousand every year. ^_^

  4. If I was to win the ten million dollars I would pay off my father with intress help my sister pay off her house and my mother with her home buy myself and children a better home. That way they could get a better education. I have one child that jumps from home to home cause he cant find good work. My daughter went to job corp and steal cant get a job cause she has no car and to far to walk any where to find one. We live on a acher of land in a on bedroom trailer thats falling down around use. Windows are nocked out, the floors are falling in. My heart is so big I took in a few strays, now they had puppies and its getting hard to feed them. I cant find good homes for them cause we have no way of getting around. I have to stay with my sister in order for just me to look for work cause out there, there is no jobs for me.I’m going to try to go to school to be a police officer to try to make ends meet at the age of 42.

  5. First of all I will be doing a Happy Dance and screaming oooh Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! LOL
    Then the Kids and I are finally going to Disneyland.
    When we get back we would buy a healthy big enough home and get good health insurance.
    I am sure the rest would be all good, I love making people smile and surprising them with a act of kindness.

  6. I would take it annually, After taxes I would put 10% away in my savings, Pay some bills 10%, than the 80% I would give to charities .

  7. Pay Parents bills off (yes the inlaws too) And give them what I could
    Pay off my bills
    set up college funds for the kids
    and then get with a investing company and invest the rest
    The material things are not as important to me as the freedom to come and go as I please. Now with that said I would purchase a diesel pusher RV and travel the USA and Canada for a couple summers with the kids. After a couple of years I would want to purchase a business or start one myself and build it up from bottom to top.
    One last thing, (My Mom would hate this……and tell me it’s wrong…) but I’d tell a few people that wronged me to go jump into a lake….well not really, but I’d feel like it……LOL

  8. If I won 10 million dollars, I would pay off all of my bill, which equal to about $20,000, give a healthy amount to my boyfriend who has pulled me out of the hole many times, give some to my mother, and help a few people that are in need of help. The majority of it, I would put in many banks so I will never be in this poor state that I am dwelling in at the moment. I would buy a house with all the amenities that I dream of. I would buy a BMW. (black) I would continue to go to school, but I would drop the working while in school. Then I would live with financial freedom for the rest of my life.

  9. Several people have mentioned expensive cars, the cars of their dreams, etc.

    My “car wish list” is actually pretty simple:

    I really just want a minivan and a sedan both at the same time, both of them to run very well for years (needing only occasional repairs) (of course I would also want to be able to afford the car insurance [for both cars] and the occasional repairs [for both cars]!)…and all the doors and windows and lights and seat belts and suchlike to always work (or at least to need only slight occasional repairs…like not having to replace an entire door…or an expensive part that’s *inside* the door so you have to take the whole door apart…etc.).

    All the things I already said (in my long post) still stand (and I see only about five people have posted since me…come on, wishful thinkers, get creative and get posting! this is a fun thread! ^___^).

    Becky ^_^

  10. Ted,

    Some people’s friends are nicer to them than some of their family members are. (I speak from experience.)

    There are cousins and friends I feel much closer to than to my parents. However, I do owe my parents money, and they are elderly, so (although they really still have a lot of money and don’t need mine) I would give them some anyway.

    I can see how you were just trying to offer that poster some sensible advice. However, in my opinion, if you assume that ALL people should ALWAYS give more to their parents than to their friends…then you don’t know some people’s parents, and you don’t know some people’s friends.

  11. I take the yearly yield. I will pay back the bankruptcy! I will pay Huquq’u'llah (tithe, first fruits). Then, my dad’s, my-in-laws and my brothers houses will be paid off. Next, I am building a workshop for my dad in the back yard with PLENTY of storage for anything he wants. I will take him to his home country from which he was a refugee. I will treat him like a king while he is there and continue to honor him upon our return.
    I will re-fi my (formerly) foreclosed house and let my friend live there with her 4 kids rent free for a year and then let her buy it for a tiny amount of money (she said she wished…).
    I will get a house keeper and cook for my in-laws. I will visit them often.
    I will buy my dad a van.
    I will pay all house and food and childcare expenses for my niece while she goes to school and keeps passing. I will pay all diagnostic and chiropractic for her husband. I will get them some furniture, pay their electric, and some magazine subscriptions. I will offer to get her daughter a prom dress.
    I will visit my family in different states and help baby sit, make ends meet, make home improvements and get to know them and what they need or want. I will not have them “put me up” but will invite them to get out and live a little, swim at the hotel, dine out, etc. They all work so dang hard!
    I will buy out my aunt’s house and rent it out while she takes the money and gets a house she likes without a race track next door. I will invest some so she can forget her day job, She’s 60 something.
    I will endow an early childhood center in my old neighborhood with bi-laws that it maintain accreditation and provide a bunch of scholarships. I will have it provide parenting classes and financial planning classes for young families, as well.
    I will get the falling-down house on a nearby corner and “reclaim” the garden so that trees will grow and it won’t be developed with rabbit hutch apartments. I will renovate that house and hold children’s classes, devotional gatherings and study circles. I will allow people to stay as a bed & breakfast while their loved ones are in the hospital.
    I will get a house in new Orleans for when we travel there.
    I will furnish a music studio and hire an assistant.
    I will plant things that help to replenish the nutrients in all of these places, protect the soil and water where we are. I will consult with horticulturalists and watershed experts, grow fruit trees and garden with gusto. I will promote eco-education with my personal and business neighbors.
    I will bring my children on summer education trips to the major US cities and natural wonders, European, African and Asian capitals, The Andes and The Amazon. I will visit the Holy Land and pray.
    I will continue working and volunteering in arts, health, education and environmental activities. I will bring my children up to do the same.
    I will buy a really nice telescope.
    I will have a library/study in my house.
    I will spend time emersed in several languages.
    I will drive a zero-emissions car.
    I will continue to practice balance in Spirit, Mind, Body maturation and accept the opportunities presented to me in these areas to grow. Be well all. Enjoy spending yours.

  12. Dear PCH, If I win 10million dollards,Me and my husband tobe plan a wonderful wedding in Puerto Rico with Juan’s families.And I’ll give our daughter Hope $10,000 in her bank for college and the rest I’ll save or get a nice mini van a blue one.So, that my dreams to go to my husband to be country or state Puerto Rico I really truely love to go!!

    Mrs.Melissa Lee Roman

  13. I would give it all away to me battle buddies that come back without their family support. To the widowed wives of my friends. To the children who’s moms and dads never got to say goodbye one last time… I am already broke so I know what a struggle it can be to come back to nothing. I don’t ever wish that pain on anyone.

  14. if i won 10 million dollars i would pay all of my bill. if i won the money i would put 1 millions in each 1 of my kids bank account and they couldnt touch it until they were 30.i would also buy them all houses and pay for there collage. i would love to go shopping but i just found out 2 months ago that i have terminal cancer i would be lucky if i made it to christmas also i would donate some money to cancer research i hope one day they will find a cure

  15. 6 things that will be done if i got US$ 10 million

    1/ US$ 2 million for Charity
    2/ US$ 3 million for Saving for kids
    3/ US$ 1 million for family members
    4/ US$ 1 million for business development
    5/ US$ 2 million for savings & investments
    6/ US$ 1 million to purchase house in Australia


  16. I know this is just for fun, but lets be realistic. #1: You people that say you would just give most of the money away are liars. #2: Unless its to a charitable org you cant just give your mom, boyfriend/girlfriends, friends, neighbors, or midget down the street hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ever hear of taxes. They would lose a ton of the original gift value. Best thing to do would be to hire them on as assistants or something at an inflated pay rate. That way you can pay their health insurance, social security, start 401k’s, and any other benefit you would like. #3 If you really want to be an idiot and give most of $10 million away, just spend it. I guarantee you would benefit a lot more people if you blew that money on every mom & pop family owned business you could find in this country, rather than giving it to some big business corporate type charity thats going to take a bite 80% of your money before it even reaches sick Suzie or homeless Joe. Truth is Suzie will die anyways and Joe drinks his own pee because he like the taste (crazy). This post could use a little tightening up and better explanation of what I mean, but I got to run.

  17. I like to think of myself as a nice person, but I have to admit I’d be fairly selfish with 10 million dollars – so you would think at first. Here’s the lowdown. First, I’d take the lump sum of 10 million (6 million after taxes). Then, I’d take 5 million of it and put it in a high yield interest CD say at 1.75% over the course of a year. So, I’ll let that sit for a year and continue my current job – for one year. In the mean time I’d take the 1 million left over and buy 3 condos outright in a big city, say Philadelphia. These would cost about $750K total, leaving me with 250K for my own place plus some living expenses. I would rent out the three properties, say at an average of $1500 to $2K each per month. That would yield about 50K a year gross after taking out: prop taxes(wait philly has a prop tax abatement right now!), insurance, maintenance etc etc. Then, after working for one year and also doing my “landlord” duties for my new properties, my CD’s interest will be available. So, I’ll collect the $87,500 as my yearly salary and then put the 5 million back in the same CD (hopefully) with the same or better interest rate so I can receive my “salary” for the next year. Thus, with the interest of 87K plus my 50K a year from the properties, I’ll have a gross salary of around $137,000. Take out taxes and your at about $93,500 net which yields about $7,800 per month. Okay, divide all that up for the following: mortgage (because I only put down 200k on my personal property when it cost more like 400k), food, savings, investments, entertainment, clothing, travel savings, health insurance (because I don’t work anymore I have to pay an out of pocket medical plan – probably like 700-800 per month, ouch). Anyway, after calculating all that out and living a decent but modest and disciplined life, I would still have around 1,500 – 2,000 per month to donate!
    Here’s the kicker… After about 10 years, I’d have enough in savings to take about 500K out of my 5 million that I invest each year in a CD. So, I’ll take a “salary reduction” and “only” get interest from 4.5 million, and invest that 500K smartly for the rest of my life in mutual funds, stocks, S&P500 ect ect. If I let this grow at around 10% interest on average per year (hoping that my investing is smart, diversified, and the economy doesn’t hiccup more than a few times) then 500K after 60 years would yield around 152 million dollars. Being the supposedly selfish scrooge that you all may think I am, that’s not too shabby to donate once the ticker stops ticking (I’m hopeful to live to my 90s) Anyway, I’ve been kind of selfish by living a comfortable and enjoyable life, but instead of donating the 6 million off the bat, I’ll donate 160 + million (includes estate, personal investments, savings, property and that $150mil) to charity and the people who need it. As it turns out 6 mil today would be worth about 50 mil in 70 years with an average inflation rate of +3% per year. Thus, again with hopeful and smart diversified investing, I’ll triple the 6 mil equivalent, while leading an enjoyable, yet not too over the top life. My parting thought is: I truly admire the people who would give up so much capital so quickly to all the poor and needy people who really need it now.

  18. PS – forgot to mention “jman” made a great point. One (friends and family members) can only receive about $14,000 as a non taxable gift once per year – any amount after $14grand is taxable. But regardless of the IRS taking a lot of your friend’s or family members new bundle of money, they still have more than they started with. If you are married you can even “split” the amount and give them a non taxable $28K! However, you should teach them a lesson. i.e. a teenager who wants a brand new sports car. It’s going to be expensive to fill up, plus the insurance…also the higher end ones have many engine issues and require VERY expensive maintenance atleast every 5000 miles. So, 17 y/o nephew joey gets $150,000 (after taxes – can’t stress that enough), and he spends 100k on a new porsche 911 S cab. – wow he’ll get some girls in that thing! But he needs to know he’s going to end up spending another 40k over a few years on all the “addtional car expenses.” The smartest thing to do for little joey is tell him you’ll pay for his college tuition. Tuition, even if more than $14k/$28k a year is completely non taxable since its an “education donation.” Tell Joey you’ll buy him a porshe when he graduates from college in whatever major…as long as he minors in encon or finance!

  19. Make my dreams com true. Give my mom what she needs and want. Help my sisters in whatever they need financially.

  20. I’m 28. So I’d put half of it in an Annuity that would mature in 25-30 years. With the other half I’d buy a house, pay off my student loans and other debt, and then divide it up among the 25 years until my annuity matures.

    so lets say I had 4.5 million left over after buying a house and stuff.

    4.5 million/25 years = $180,000/year
    I could live happily with 180,000/year!!!
    Then when I retire my annuity would be worth billions and I’d spend the rest of my life (age 53 and on) jet setting, travelling, and helping people (and animals) around the world.

  21. I like your thinking, Nate – if I had $10 million I’d put about one third of it into a 25 year annuity for the future. That would leave plenty to pay off all our debts, buy a fantastic house and travel the world! We wouldn’t have to worry about travelling with our children, because we’d be able to afford the best travel insurance and the best flights and hotels!

  22. I would pay 140,000 to Bank of America for my families mortgage, the rest would go to a few orginizations St Jude Childrens Hospital, and number of different feed the hungry orginizations, also 10,000 to The National Schrine of St. Jude (praying to Jesus and God with the help of St. Jude works, lets pray for an end to the corruption and selfishness money brings).

  23. $10 000 000 DOLLARS OHH YAAA …i’ll be smiling for life .
    First i’ll help my self then after i take care of the people that care about me .
    Then comes the hous the cars the trips and everything in between

  24. Well, firstly, I’d go nuts! Give my parents 500k to live a proper retired life. They’ve paid up all their property since 7yrs ago. 500k to an orphanage, cos they deserve a much better life than what it is now. Buy myself a nice pad worth a million dollars ( yeah I’m still single) buy myself 3 cars- audi r8, a hummer and an audi rs4 so I can stroll. Then I’d quit my job but not burn bridges, start a man power company cos I still hv a large network in the oil n gas industry might as well make it work for me. The rest I’ll just invest in property. Oh n after all that, I’d haul my close buddies and go on a mad holiday to china and europe! Why? Cos us bachelors hv got nothing to do but splurge!

  25. I like your enthusiasm, Giles! And mixed in with all that fun, you’d have an up-and-coming manpower business and property investments. A very cool plan; I hope you get to achieve it even if you don’t win millions outright!

  26. 1st of all, if you won 10 million dollars, you would not get 10 million dollars. IF you take the lump some, it will be reduced to a much smaller amount. Usually $25 to 33% of the full amount depending on the size of the prize and their planned payment schedule. These contests rely on investing in zero coupons or other such vehicles to build up the $10M over time.

    For example, Publishers Clearing house tells you that you can take 3,739,056 as a lump some or accept 30 annual 225000+ payments. There will probably be a balloon payment as the final payment. For the lump sum scenario, your federal taxes will be 1278541 or 34%+ of the lump some. If you opt for the payments and assuming those payments are 333333, you tax rate drops to 28%+.

    Assuming I get a 5.5% return on the money should I just leave it in the bank, The money would grow to $10,649,690 if I took the lump sum. If I take the payment schedule, I have an earning potential of 16,315,459 instead. Based on this information, I would take the payment schedule.

    The author said that they would pay off other peoples mortgages. If they wanted to do this, then they would have to also pay their taxes because ANY gift above 10K is taxable as income. They would be saddling their family and friend with a rather hefty tax bill.

    Me, I’d pay my tithes, fund my current foster kids college funds (planning to adopt) with $150K each over the next 5 years. Put 50K in college funds for the past foster kids. Pay for private school for the current kids. Then I’d let the rest of the money sit in a couple of mutual funds. That way I might have enough to pay for my medical when I reach retirement. I am assuming that SS will be insolvent and madical cost have been maintaining and 15-30% inflation rate for a few years now.

  27. Good point – some prizes and windfalls come with high taxes, but unexpected income is always a good thing! Everyone has their own dream plan of what to do with a sudden win, whether it’s a lump sum or paid in instalments.

  28. i will give money to the churches and salvation army and people that has helped me in the past and took care of me in the past.

  29. Hi! I know this comment is really late for this post but I just wanted to say that this is amazing. Its good to know that there are people in the world like this. Now I am only 14 years old but this is what I would do with the money.
    First, I would keep some to pay for college for my 3 cousins, my brother and I.
    Of course I would spend some on myself but only very little as I would feel so guilty for spending that money on unnessacery things.
    I would put maybe 1 or half a million in the bank for later in life. This would go towards a house, car and any other expenses in life that I would run into. This money would make me feel very safe because I have a fear that I will not be able to make it in life and turn out to be a failure.
    the next thing I would do is give some to my mother to help her pay the bills. This is another fear I have, which is that we wont end up being able to afford everything and end up on the street again.
    After all that is done, im pretty sure there will be more than 5 million left and I would divide that all up and give it to different charities that are close to my heart. Such as, the make a wish foundation, broadway in south africa, unicef, cancer research and really any other charity I find out about. Its so important to me to give back to people.
    I have grown up very poor but I don’t regret any of it because it made who I am today and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I would always get stuff from people like a “secret santa” thing and I never understood it but now I do and if I had a chance to get that much money, that is something I want to do. I would feel like its a priority for me to give back to everyone who has helped me and even people who didn’t because these charities are doing an amazing thing and I would be thrilled to be apart of it. I may only be 14 years old but im lucky to have figured a lot out, about life. That has made me wiser and smarter and im happy but I always am looking for opportunities to give back to people. I know I have gone way off topic but I felt that I needed to say this and maybe actually inspire a few people to be more giving. The world needs more of selfless people.
    God bless you all!

  30. Hi Katie, thanks for joining in. It’s good to see there are wise young people, like you, who are capable of being financially responsible. Perhaps one benefit of the global economic crisis will be that a windfall no longer makes people think “spend, spend, spend!”

  31. i am only eleven but if i won 10,000,000 dollars i would save some for college a house a car and other expences for when im older donate to the research of anorexia and other eating disorders buy my parents a new house and a car or 3 and save the rest for retirement

  32. If i won 10 million dollars the first thing i’d do is to head to BMW and get the most powerfull BMW Z4 they have.. and a motorbike and a Range Rover Sport or a Jeep Wrangler :D

    then i’ll build the villa of my dreams that i will design and decorate since i’m an interior designer :D it will be on the top of the most amazing hill in the town and have the most amazing view :D

    the most important thing is to open my own business to keep on growing my fortune, such as a cafe and a restaurant, a super market, petrol station.. and i’ll build some residential buildings and rent the apartments – this will assure annual income :D

    what else? umm, i’ll go shopping and go on a vacation and make my best friends dreams come true… because a paradise without people and friends is not paradise!!

  33. Some more nice ideas here – looks like everyone agrees that investing for the future and taking care of the people we care about are some of the most important things we could do with a big windfall. It’s also heartwarming to see that many people would give some of their money to worthy causes!

  34. I would give it all away yep every penny. I am mostly poor but still would give it away. I would start by depositing the money in a few banks to draw interest. Then take 10 thousand dollars at a time divided into 100 dollar bills and find people who need it and give it to them one person at a time. Some would find its way to charities, but most would be given to perfect strangers in need or as a reward to those who are helping others in need. I would charge each of them to help someone else in the future when they were able. I don’t really need money to be happy, but some people need it to survive, to escape pain, to calm a crying child, or to find a warm bed just for a couple of nights. How can I treat myself when many suffer in this world. Yes 10 million would not solve the worlds problems, but to those who can benefit just a little it would be worth it to me.

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